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Letters and Emails to the Editor


Thank you for the latest edition of the Defender. I finished reading all of the articles and they were inspirational, as usual!

May God bless you in abundance,


Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko

Lest we believe martyrdom is just a thing of the distant past, 30 years ago yesterday, on October 19, 1984, Polish Catholic priest and human rights activist, Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko was assassinated by the Communist party at the age of 37.† Fr. Jerzy, an outspoken advocate for truth and freedom, against injustice and tyranny, was a major force in support of the Polish Solidarity movement.

May this martyr's memory be eternal, and may Fr. Jerzy be our model and guide as we stand in opposition to all forms of oppressive governments and their leaders, and for the human person, for the human family.

A clip from the documentary on Fr. Jerzy, entitled "Messenger of the Truth": http://vimeo.com/52230817† ("Messenger of the Truth" may be found here: http://www.messengerofthetruth.com/store/



Thanks Jim, I am very concerned, about friends and relations that are subject to this phony Religion/Political Islam. My ancestry on both my Parents side are from there, even though they immigrated here in the mid 19th century. Belgium is a beautiful country and these nut cases will ruin not only there, but the rest of the world. Though I firmly believe that this is what happens when you throw Christianity under the Bus. We can take comfort in our Lord and Saviourís promised that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against his Church.


††††††††††† With your permission I would like to make copies of this article on Islam for my bible Study Class. It may wet their appetite to become a subscriber. Your publication is excellent!


Excellent Defend Life articles. Chuck and I learned a lot. We will try to pass on these concepts. We did know that no organization could be in any way "peaceful" and have any connection to God with such an agenda. Let's keep praying the rosary and asking God's mercy!

Mary Edgar


Jim, thanks for this excellent explanation.† Very informative and useful as we apply it to our daily lives.† A good one for Defenders of the Faith!†


Society Marginalized Men

This is very good & much needed!† I agree about the need for men to be with other (especially like-minded) men for support in their roles as husbands, fathers, etc.† Thankfully, Bob has met some wonderful Catholic men (like Pete Deal & others) through our Catholic homeschool group whom he sometimes gets together with.† I do wish they all were able to coordinate getting together more often.† I have seen how good it has been for some of the younger dads who are newer to the Faith.†

††††††††††† Keep up the excellent writing!


Story of the Seed

Beautifully wisdom; beautifully thoughts; beautifully written; beautifully noble. Thanks.


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