Anything Goes

The Twenty-Third Chromosome


Society Marginalized Men


When I look at the feminist movement which began in the 60s I have to wonder where it has gotten women, but I also wonder what it has done to men. Women have made many advances.  Equality in the workplace i.e. equal pay for equal work, opportunity for promotion, etc.  Also, opportunities in the fields of science and technology as well as jobs in the manual and industrial arts fields have been opened to women for the first time. How much of this is due to the feminist movement is questionable since many of these changes, such as equal pay, began before the feminist movement started.

In general, the feminist movement in its attempt to turn women into men, (the opposite of the homosexual movement turning men into women) has been a complete failure for both women and men.  Women should not be turned into men. Women need to be women. As our pope has said, “Mothers are indispensable to society and the church, showing the world what it means to generously give oneself for others, to respect life and to display tenderness and moral strength even in times of trouble.”

An excellent article on the beginning of the feminist movement was written by Mallory Millet, sister of feminist Kate Millett (1). After reading it and seeing the results of the feminist movement, one is reminded of the ancient Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In the case of feminism, the serpent, Satan, convinced woman she would not be equal to God but equal to man. Also, in this case men were as naive as Adam. Adam not only did not stop the woman, but also ate of the fruit. Everyone seems to forget Eve was not alone in the Garden of Eden.  Adam had a moral obligation to protect Eve and he failed miserably. Men have also done a miserable job protecting women from the satanic feminist movement.

Men ignored the disastrous implications of the feminist movement and in some cases ate of its fruit. The results have been nearly as bad as being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Cardinal Burke made a comment recently regarding this acceptance of the feminist movement by the men in the church, i.e., the priests, bishops and cardinals. He said  Unfortunately, the radical feminist movement strongly influenced the Church, leading the Church to constantly address women’s issues at the expense of addressing critical issues important to men; the importance of the father, whether in the union of marriage or not; the importance of a father to children; the importance of fatherhood for priests; the critical impact of a manly character; the emphasis on the particular gifts that God gives to men for the good of the whole society. So much of this tradition of heralding the heroic nature of manhood has been lost in the Church today.” (2)

            To put it mildly, families are in crisis. Our culture is in terrible decline. Women have been encouraged to be more like men which has been a terrible mistake. Women have been encouraged to go against human nature. Women, by nature, are more interested in having and raising children than working in a full time job in any position and leaving their children at home with someone else taking care of them. They miss those wonderful moments of affection and love from their children.

In addition to the feminist movement, the advent of the “pill” had another influence on men. Men and women have always sinned. There were still babies conceived out of wedlock, but before the feminists and the pill, contraception in such relationships was the responsibility of the man.  And if he failed to accept this, then he was likely facing an unpleasant encounter with the woman’s father followed shortly by a shotgun wedding.  With the advent of the “pill,” contraception became the woman’s responsibility, and if a pregnancy resulted, it was “her fault.”  Men felt trapped since they no longer felt responsible for any “results” of the relationship, and abortion was a more likely outcome than marriage.  The man had more incentive to compel the woman to seek abortion since a live birth could result in him having to pay child support.

Women have been encouraged to be as promiscuous as men and to accept abortion as their “choice’’ yet they never name the choice as it is the killing of their own children. They rationalize their babies as “blobs of tissue” even though the heart beats at 24 days after conception.   

What has this promiscuity obtained for them? They become part of the “Hook-up Culture.” They are taken advantage of by men and end up hating them. Out-of-wedlock births have risen from around five percent to over forty percent today. Likewise, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), breast cancer and other health issues caused by abortion and the “Pill” have significantly increased. Some women who raise their children by themselves teach their children to hate all men. This continues the negative cycle, and then they wonder, “Where are all of the men?”

Men now have a free sexual partner with no commitments. Men may think this is great, but where will they find a woman they can respect? Consequently, since our marriage rates are now at historic lows, and our reproductive rate is below survival as a society. We are committing National Suicide.

Many men have abdicated their rightful role in society. Along with a disgraceful abandonment of the natural order, they no longer are the spiritual heads of their households. They refuse to stand up for righteousness, refuse to honor, cherish, and protect their families, and they fail miserably in loving and honoring their faith.

The so called “choice” for women has turned out to be a choice for men. Working as a sidewalk counselor outside of an abortion mill, I continually see women pushed and pulled into the abortion mill by a boyfriend or spouse. Her only choice is to be pushed or pulled into killing her own child. In addition to this, and even more sickening, is seeing parents dragging their young daughters into the mill. Surveys estimate 67 percent of women who have had an abortion are forced into it. This is a choice? The numbers of men attacking women for not having or refusing to have an abortion continually increases.

Every year for many years I have had pro-life booths at our local fairs where I always give 12-week-old fetal models (rubberized) to the young girls who love and treat them like real babies. The boys try to see how far they can stretch them or bounce them off the walls or floor.  One little girl who accepted a fetal model left and then returned an hour later to proudly show me the little fetal model in a tiny crib someone had made for her.  Last year I offered a fetal model to a young woman in her early 20s, and she told me she still had the one I had given her 10 years before. It was sitting in a little bed on her dresser. Women are hard-wired as mothers to be protective of their children.

            By human nature, men love to take things apart and build things. It is the male who gets the building set and the BB gun, rifle or shotgun for Christmas. It is the man who is the hunter. Men are hard wired to be providers and builders, to be respected and needed and to be heroes. They are supposed to be the providers and protectors and should be thanked for being the provider, for working 40-plus hours a week, for going to a job they may not like, for putting up with an incompetent boss, for the long commute, etc...

Every three years we have a reading at Mass from Ephesians 5:22 which states, “Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord”. I will never forget a certain priest explaining this in his homily. Many of the women parishioners objected to the part of the reading referring to obedience to their husbands. The priest told the parishioners the next verse reads, “For the husband is head of the wife just as Christ is head of the church, He himself the savior of the body”. The priest was very adamant in his interpretation of this second verse. He said, “Christ died on the cross for His Church; therefore, the husband is called upon to die for on the cross for his wife, if needed. There is no implication of inferiority of women to men, but rather the requirement that men must protect and make sacrifices for their spouses and family in the same sense as Christ who died on a cross for His Church. The priest then dramatically pointed to the crucifix and asked the women which they would choose: being obedient or dying on the cross. If you question the positive aspects of Ephesians 5:22 then read 1 Peter 3:1 which repeats this verse, but clarifies why the woman must obey her husband. In brief, Peter states, even if some of the men disobey the word they will be won over by their wives’ conduct. Husbands who have little respect for their wives will have no response to their own prayers.

In addition, men should be the spiritual leader of their families. Eighty percent of children follow through with their faith when led by males/fathers. Only 35 percent follow through if they are led by females/mothers. Men need to spend more time in personal prayer as well as praying with their families. Women should encourage this, but not push It. Ask your husband to pray for you and for your children. Ask him to lead with prayer at the evening meal.

Men need to be with other men. They should join good Catholic men’s groups, or start one up. Two good men’s groups are the Holy Name Society and the Knights of Columbus. Men’s retreats are great. Hunting is a male ritual. Men need to be with other men even if it is eating out at a restaurant. A wife should not object to this but rather should encourage their husbands.

Go to the article on Cardinal Burke (2) to review his recommendations on how men should change their lives and lead their families.

Remember Bishop Sheen when he told us to act like men. "Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops, like bishops, and your religious act like religious." - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, 1972

Let us be examples for our children by teaching them our Catholic faith and not the latest fad. Let us teach our children about purity and chastity, goodness and holiness. There are myriad Internet resources, local Catholic bookstores, and wholesome activities. Point out every day acts of local heroes such as those who administer to the sick (especially our children), those who work in soup kitchens and those who are pro-life leaders. Parents, especially fathers, must lead the way. Let us, by our leadership, by our good works, our strong faith, by our example of courage and strength, turn our culture around.


Jim Fritz

(1) For the article on feminism go to:


(2) Article on Cardinal Burke




St. Augustine, Confessions, 12, 6, says: The mutability of mutable things is simply their capacity for all the forms into which mutable things can be changed. In other words, the ability of changeable things to be changed simply for the sake of change results in the capacity for all the forms into which something changeable can and will be changed by man – or as the 1934 Cole Porter song says, “Anything Goes.”

Once man changed the meaning of God's marriage there now will be a never-ending parade of various types of manmade “marriages” – man to man, woman to woman, transvestite to transvestite, man to beast, multiple men to one woman, multiple women to one man, and so forth. Some child will want to marry his or her pony so that will be permissible; after all, why not, since man's ability for the profane seemingly knows no bounds. Manmade marriage was formed merely for the sake of what the "I" wants, not what lies within God's plan of salvation for mankind.

Same-sex “marriage” recently changed into another new novelty marriage form, and the original change agents are not one bit happy. Homosexual “marriage” became legal in New Zealand on August 19, 2013, and already, one year later, those same change agent homosexual groups are horrified, shocked, and outraged.

On September 12, 2014, the Daily Mail Australia reported, “Two heterosexual men tied the knot this morning under New Zealand's liberal marriage laws. Marrying not for love, but for Rugby World Cup tickets, the two men from Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand officially said 'I do' in front of 60 family and friends at Eden Park in Auckland. The ceremony was broadcast live by Edge Radio, who's I Love You, Man competition was launched earlier this year in a bid to find two straight men willing to wed for the sought after tickets.”

Travis McIntosh, 23, and Matt McCormick, 24, best friends since age 6, won the bromantic radio contest in August and are over the moon – not for a life together, but for the opportunity to head to the Rugby World Cup in England next year. “We entered the competition as a way of taking our (heterosexual) friendship to the next level,” said Travis. “Matt called me and asked me to marry him and I said yes without first asking why. I knew he'd have a good reason. Through the official proposal and preparing for the wedding we've spent so much time together, and we’ve had to share a lot of intimate details with one another. We had so much fun with it all. We got kitted out in amazing suits and I walked down the aisle to Cruisin’.” The wedding was a very male-populated event, with each of the pair having a best man.

After a honeymoon on the Cook Islands, life will return to normal for the non-traditional newlyweds. “We're certainly not ready to start a family.” McIntosh told the Otago Daily Times that he thought the marriage would last about two years. McIntosh said the wedding was not mocking the institution of marriage. “We are not here to insult anyone,” Travis told the NZ Herald. “We are here to do our own thing and travel our own path. It’s just seeing how far two good mates would go to win a trip to the Rugby World Cup.” The Edge's host, Mike, said that the wedding ceremony was filled with good laughs. “They're such funny guys, so the wedding was hilarious. I think it's a good thing to celebrate bromance in such a quirky way, and Matt and Travis really epitomized that.”

However, the same Australian gay rights change agents, were horrified and outraged, and condemned the wedding. “Something like this trivializes what we fought for,” angrily protested Neill Ballantyne, coordinator of Otago University Students Association Queer Support. “The wedding was an insult because marriage equality was a hard-fought battle for gay people. The competition promoted the marriage of two men as something negative, as something outrageous that you’d never consider.” LegaliseLove Aotearoa Wellington co-chairman Joseph Habgood sullenly said the competition made clear that men marrying each other was “something they think is worth having a laugh at.” Other campaigners called it a “homophobic stunt that makes a mockery of marriage equality.” GayNZ whined that insensitive hurtful homophobic jokes were made throughout the ceremony, with one of the grooms making a throat-slitting gesture at the mention of the men sharing a bed together. 

Conservative groups were quick to call the response of horror, anger and outrage from homosexual activists “ironic.” Bob McCoskrie, national director of Family First, a lobby group opposed to same-sex marriage said, “The change in law was an arrogant act of cultural vandalism. This competition makes a mockery of marriage, but so did the redefining of traditional marriage.”

Putting aside this ironic situation of the mutability (changeability) of man-made secular false marriage, let’s briefly compare the meaning of God’s immutable (written in stone) marriage, that is, TRUE MARRIAGE, which is between one man and one woman, the first comparison being that the word marriage means matrimony. The root word for matrimony is mater (mother) which most clearly means to make a mother or motherhood, something naturally impossible for two homosexuals to achieve, as well as two lesbians, or even Matt and Travis. Marriage has always been about what God, Who is immutable, planned for mankind, not man or his latest secular fashion fueled by the revolution of change for the sake of revolt against God.

Secondly, the procreative terrestrial trinity of love – THE FAMILY – is the visible earthly image and likeness of the Holy Trinity of God. Man is made of body and soul, and it is in the body, not of one person alone, but of the family – man/woman/child – that the Trinitarian image of God’s love is visibly reflected on earth. The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, binding in love one man and one woman, reflects the Holy Trinity because of married love and the procreative gift of man and woman. All else – man/man or woman/woman, Matt/Travis traveling their own path – is not the immutable image and likeness of God, but rather a mutable, ever changing and profane sterile image which procreates nothing and mocks God.

Moreover, the Holy Trinity is male – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – and the Church and the soul of each person are female, always referred to as “she”. The Holy Spirit, who erroneously some think is female, cannot be anything but male since the Blessed Virgin Mary is His Spouse. If the Holy Spirit were female, then the mystical marriage of Mary to the Holy Spirit would be a same-sex union and it would have been impossible for Jesus to have been conceived.

Lastly, the four Scriptural marriages are male-female images. In his Sermons, First Sunday after Epiphany, 20, St Thomas Aquinas says, “Holy Scripture speaks of four marriages. The first, in its historical and literal sense is the bodily union of man and woman; the second is allegorical – the union of Christ and His Church; the third is tropological or moral – the union of God with the soul; the fourth is anagogical or eschatological – the union of God with the Church Triumphant.

Therefore, it is determined that marriage originated in the mind of God, and always was, always is, and always will be male and female. Anything else is evil and immoral.

The false homosexual and lesbian “marriage” of the tyranny of lust, sanctioned and set into law by the secular world of man is a dangerous path to follow for it leads, not to God, but to the coiling back inside of itself, thereby once again giving birth to the original sin of the disobedience of man and its catastrophic consequences.

Susan Matthiesen


Susan is a convert to the Catholic Faith living in the Diocese of Orlando, Florida. She has three children and six grandchildren.

The 23rd Chromosome

The sex of a child is fixed at the instant of conception through the paired XY (male) or XX (female) twenty-third chromosomes. God wrote male or female into our DNA genetic code in the way the Ten Commandments were written by His finger on Moses’ two tablets of stone – fixed, permanent and forever. Simply put, examined DNA will instantly reveal to any scientist that a particular human person is male or female.  

St. Francis de Sales said, “Do not desire not to be what you are,” yet ever increasingly we read news stories about the glories of sex change operations and how happy is the new gender enhanced person being something not only that he or she never was before, but something he or she never can be, therefore never will be for all eternity.

For instance, in the shifting world of man’s irrational, lusty sexual desires, Chastity Bono, the daughter of Sonny and Cher Bono, who now thinks she is a man named Chaz will never be a man, even though she has had her breasts removed in what is known as “top surgery” in the transgender world of make believe. She ingests testosterone hormones to appear masculine and grow facial hair, nevertheless Chastity’s DNA will forever tell any geneticist that she is a human female.

British couple Felix and Helen Fenton both had “magical” sex change operations. After living together six years they decided to become each other. Felix, age 46, had been a woman named Helen who became a man and now is the husband of Helen, age 56, who had been a man named Felix but now is a woman and the wife of Felix. They legally married in England in September, 2013. One clueless person commenting on this story in the British press said, “Despite the smoke and mirrors, this actually is a marriage! They might be a man pretending to be a woman and a woman pretending to be a man, but physically they are a man and a woman, and that is a marriage.” (Of course, “pretending” is the key word here.)

The “pregnant man,” Thomas Beatie, is a woman who had gender reassignment surgery (sex change operation) but who still had a womb which could bear a childx because she wanted to have biological children (and did), even though at the same time she wanted to be a man – and  a pregnant man at that.

What shines forth from people such as these? Does the Savior shine in the midst of their hearts? Is He their life-breath, the center of their being, the reflected image of their interior life? Or rather is there a sickness of the soul so weighted down by their self-indulgent wills which makes it almost impossible for them to wholly rise from the depths of their depravity.

The government-controlled media help stir the bubbling cauldron, stoking the burning fire of man’s desire to be noticed even for such appalling actions as sex change surgery. Such people beam gleaming smiles for the rolling cameras to tell the world about the marvelous, magically wonderful thing they have done in becoming something other than what God made them.

Uncharitably, we want to point out the obvious (It’s in your DNA, Stupid.) or sarcastically repeat the words of our Blessed Mother (How can this possibly be?!) in order to aid them on the journey to stark realization that their magical dream is impossible.

Instead, we must remember that these persons who have fallen into such transgression are truly the poorest of the poor, and as difficult as it is, we are instructed out of love for all mankind, to intercede for them. We must pray that meekness and humility may be granted them so they may yield, not to us, but to God’s will…and we must pray as Jesus prayed: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”       

Susan Matthiesen

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