Vol. 19, NO. 1

May 2016


Dear Readers:

Our Catholic Teaching article in this issue is on the definition of “Presumption.” It is titled Once Saved Always Saved as this, in a sense, is the Protestant version of presumption and more easily understood. They, along with many of us, read a certain verse from the Bible and essentially “go with it”x and do not take into considerations other verses which go into full detail on the subject. Our “Church of Nice” clergy have been erroneously teaching that no one goes to Hell. Don’t believe it! Jesus taught that not all will be saved.

Another misconception in our modern day society is evolution. It has been integrated into our society to the detriment of morality and culture. Many educational organizations have been established by our government and even our Catholic Church just for the purpose of teaching evolution. Pope Leo Xlll even predicted this in 1884 in his encyclical Humanum Genus. The more this is taught, the more misguided are children who, leaving home to go to college, are misled and intimidated by their professors. Our article gives you much information on what you can do to combat this. We even tell you how to obtain, free, an excellent book by Thomas McFadden to help you instruct your children before college and we provide a beautiful quote by Bishop Sheen for motivation.

My fellow parishioner, Dick Byrne, after observing some of the attire of our parish members, decided to put together an article regarding proper dress at Mass. The article is appropriately called Dress for Success. It pertains to most parishes and can be published without permission. It is a great one-page flyer for your church bulletin.

In this issue, Susan Mathieson provides us with a humorous view of the not-so- humorous issue of the growing acceptance of homosexuality in our culture. It is properly titled Tinker Bell - The Founder of Liberalism.

In our key article, If you See Something, Say Something, we very sadly hand out our Millstone Awards to a number of so-called Catholic colleges and universities and their presidents who unequivocally deserve the awards for honoring anti-Catholic speakers at their facilities. One wonders what they would say to Jesus if He would were to ask them why? Not wanting them to feel alone, we also included other organizations, parishes and other clergy. It is terribly sad; however, the point of this article is when you see something like this, then say something. We cannot ignore it. We need to defend our faith. For us to remain silent as these clergy do harm to our children is a grave sin.

Chriss Rainey has provided us with another great article and I might add a very controversial article. It basically is a discussion on Freemasonry. I say ‘controversial’ as we all know friends and even relatives who are Masons and we do not want to hear or read negative information about them. Freemasonry, although performing charitable works, is a secret organization and therefore subject to conjecture. I believe this article by Rainey is the most detailed and informative article I have ever read on Freemasonry and anyone in disagreement is welcome to contact us with positive information.

Our article on a Modern Day Saint is about Blessed John Henry Newman who was a lifelong advocate for education. His work, which resulted in the establishment of The Cardinal Newman Society, has done more to save our students than anything else. It is a treasure in our culture and our educational system.


cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield                             


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