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Review of The Walls Are Talking


This book, written by Abby Johnson, is a step or two up from her original book, Unplanned. Abby Johnson previously worked at Planned Parenthood as a clinic director but resigned in October 2009. She was adamantly pro-choice, believing Planned Parenthood was actually helping women. She states she resigned after watching an abortion on ultrasound. She was shocked by what she witnessed and turned vehemently pro-life. She later worked with the same pro-lifers she had fought against while she worked for Planned Parenthood. Two years later she wrote Unplanned, a book describing her experience. It became a top seller and she has spoken at pro-life events throughout America and has appeared on TV.

Her new book, called The Walls Are Talking, is quite different. It is a compilation of stories; some are her own, and those of others whose lives have been changed by abortion. Most of the these accounts are from erstwhile abortion workers who like Abby found out what was really going on in the abortion clinics.

Abby was primarily motivated to write this book after viewing a made-for-TV movie called “If These Walls Could Talk.” The movie portrays several pregnant women who ”have no choice” but to go through an abortion. It depicts the terrible hardships they must suffer because of their pregnancies. The baby’s life is depicted solely as a burden to the hapless woman who can only be rescued by a safe and legal abortion. After viewing this heavily propagandized movie, Abby was highly motivated to write a book showing the truth.

Abby also founded the organization, And Then There Were None, which helps abortion clinic workers leave the industry. As mentioned previously, she had lots of help putting this book together. All of the stories about abortion clinic workers came from these workers who realized what was really happening and had to leave the industry. In addition, a very talented and deeply prolife woman who works for And Then There Were None has helped Abby with this valuable book. Her name is Kristen Detrow. Kristen’s passion for the pro-life movement started when her twins were diagnosed with a serious medical condition in utero, and she refused a specialist’s recommendation to abort one of her babies. Today she is the mother of healthy twin boys and a daughter adopted from Uganda. The daughter was born deaf and unwanted by the parents. Kristen and her husband adopted the girl after Kristen discovered her on a mission to Uganda. Kristen is now very much involved in helping deaf children who are living in poverty. She does this through Deaf Child Hope. Kristen is also a prayer warrior at the Hagerstown, Maryland Abortion Facility and occasionally brings her wonderful and much-loved, adopted daughter, Leticia, to the clinic. Kristen is also the author of a pro-life novel, The Intrusion

Many of the chapters in The Walls Are Talking are real eye-openers, even for those who have worked for years as sidewalk counselors. Many of the workers were drawn into the business as Abby was years ago, thinking they were doing a good thing for women, ensuring medical services in addition to abortion, with abortion only being used as a last resort. Abby began volunteering for Planned Parenthood after seeing their booth at a volunteer fair at her college. She says she hadn't heard of the group before and didn't know they performed abortions. In addition, Planned Parenthood employees told her they wanted to reduce the number of abortions. Some women, such as nurses, accepted employment there as they were unable to find another job at the time. Many were office workers who really did not know what was going on behind the closed doors. They eventually learned and left the business.

Some workers were horrified by what was sarcastically called the “nursery”. This is where the aborted babies were stored until they could be disposed of. All of the parts from the abortion must be accounted for and are stored in jars until the time of disposal.

Many of the workers told about being pressured to increase profits by performing more and more abortions at the clinic.

The accounts of the reactions of some of the women to having an abortion were also difficult to read. Some of the women had multiple abortions and to them it was just a routine operation. Some had over a dozen abortions and were “as hard as nails.”  However, many of the women did not want to go through with it. The story of an abortionist literally forcing a reluctant woman to have an abortion was an eye-opener.

One worker who previously believed fetuses could not feel pain while being aborted assisted in an ultrasound-guided abortion at 13 weeks gestation. She quickly became aware of the truth. She was alarmed when she saw the fetus squirming and twisting to avoid the vacuum tube used for the abortion. As Abby once said, “The baby looked as if it were being wrung like a dishcloth, twirled and squeezed. And then it crumpled and began disappearing into the cannula before her eyes. The last thing she saw was the tiny, perfectly formed backbone sucked into the tube, and then it was gone."

Several stories were heart wrenching. One was of a woman who found out she had quadruplets after an ultrasound and had to be nearly forced into having an abortion. Another story concerned a sixteen-year-old with the mentality of a five-year-old. Her stepbrother had sexually abused her impregnated her. He was in jail, and her mother brought her daughter in for an abortion. The girl insisted on bringing along a teddy bear. When the worker did an ultrasound to prep for an abortion she discovered the girl was in a second trimester pregnancy and the abortionist was limited to the first trimester. The worker gave her parents information as to how the girl could deliver and put the baby up for adoption.

One of the best chapters in the book is a critique of the pro-lifers. The author describes the actions of some of the overzealous pro-lifers which actually do more harm than good. I have seen this also. There are also extreme examples of the fanatical pro-lifers who actually kill, or try to kill, an abortionist. The abortion industry makes saints out of these abortionists. Also, there are overzealous who rely on shock value. The more extreme we become the more hardened the abortion workers become. And women going into the abortion clinic become hardened. A woman entering an abortion clinic is not going to run to a person carrying a sign calling her a murderer. A teen, already terrified of being judged by her religious parents, is not going to go to a sidewalk counselor who is hurling Bible verses at her rather than offering her a solution or help. It actually makes the abortion workers’ job easier. The sidewalk counselors’ most important job is to offer help to the woman coming into the clinic and then providing it!

A very positive/incentivizing note for pro-lifers in front of an abortion clinic is the usual results inside the abortion clinic. One writer noted how powerful an impact it had on the number of women keeping their appointments. The no-show rate increases significantly when the there is a pro-life presence on the sidewalk.   Jim Fritz

A Young but Powerful Prayer Warrior, Leticia Detrow

Kris Detrow recently began coming to the abortion clinic in Hagerstown MD to join others in prayer for the mothers and their unborn babies. She has twin pre-teen boys and Leticia, a little black girl about 8 years old adopted by Kris on a missionary trip to Uganda three years ago. Leticia is deaf and mute. In Uganda, children born with defects or abnormalities are often turned over to orphanages by their parents. Sadly, the adoption took three years as the US Government initially rejected the adoption because Leticia had living parents. Kris requested the assistance of TV personality Greta Van Susteren. Greta was successful in arranging the adoption. Leticia and her mother communicate through sign language.

On Kris’s arrival at the Hagerstown abortuary her children quickly found the tray of candy I set out by my car while I am there. They immediately asked mom if they could have some, and naturally, we became good friends.

One day I told Kris, who was holding Leticia, “Someone is going to steal this little girl, and it probably will be me.” She laughed and said something in sign language to Leticia, who then came over and gave me a big hug.

The next Saturday as I stood by the front door of the abortuary near the deathscorts, Leticia walked up and gave me a hug, then began signing and pointing to the deathscorts. Just as they were all looking at us, Leticia used the sign we all recognize: a big thumb's down while she pointed at the deathscorts.  We watched the smiles on their faces suddenly disappear.

The prayer warriors will often gather together to pray as a group. This includes Leticia. One day it was Leticia’s turn to pray. Kris was translating Leticia’s prayer in sign language for the benefit of the rest of the group. Leticia prayed for the people dressed in orange (the deathscorts) because they help to kill babies and need to stop. She thanked God for the people with the blue clothing (the sidewalk counselors) as they were trying to save babies. The translations by Kris were loud enough for the deathscorts to hear it all.

Last week when Leticia was in school (2nd grade) the children were instructed by the teacher to tell the class what they had done on the weekend. When Leticia's turn came, a school staff member translated for Leticia as she described being on the sidewalk in front of Office 160 (the abortuary) where they kill babies and reported “the people in orange” deathscorts) were “real bad.” She went on to tell the class that the people in Office 162 (the Pregnancy Center) were helping the parents of little children. The embarrassed school staff member could not tell her to stop and could only report Leticia’s words to the class. :-)

What a gift from God is this little girl!  


Jim Fritz

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