Vol. 20, NO. 1

May 2017

Dear Readers:

            Our Catholic Teaching article in this issue is called “May Faithful Catholics Criticize Their Clergy?” This is followed by a related article by Paul King. The publication of an article in a popular Catholic prayer book indicates we should never criticize the clergy under any circumstances. This is erroneous information. We cannot observe a clergy in sin and ignore this. It does nothing to stop the sinner and in a way makes the Catholic praying for this sinner also a sinner. In a civil case if the knowingly-silent Catholic is praying for the clergy in sin, s/he then becomes liable. In this article we point out Catholic teaching to encourage the non-clergy to not only be more active in their approach to the clergy, but to approach them in reverence. Many references are made to both the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to Canon Law. In addition, true cases are illustrated which provide examples proving the need to call out the clergy when necessary.

            Our next article is a review of a book recently published by Abby Johnson, and it contains many chapters written by ex-abortion workers who, like Abby, worked in an abortion facility, found out what was really going on, and quit. The chapters include some valuable information for sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors.

            This is followed by a story of a wonderful, very young prayer warrior, Leticia Detrow who was adopted by Abby Johnson’s coauthor, Kristen Detrow.

            Following this is a description of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. You will only find this in The Defender. It was inspired by a very insightful boy taking a test in grade school on the Seven Wonders of the World. The seven wonders of the natural world pertain to our faith and not to man-made objects.

            Our letter to the Reverend Bishop Bransfield is more than a letter. It is a lesson on Sensus Fidei and its place in the life of the Church. It is an “instinct of faith” which can direct parishioners to enable them to recognize and endorse authentic Christian doctrine and practice. This is a wonderful gift which should be used by the lay faithful to enrich our faith. Bishop Bransfield responded with a very positive letter and a very complimentary analysis of our description of Sensus Fidei.

            In our article on feminism we describe the three stages of feminism beginning with the much needed protest regarding the limited right to vote for women to the terrible, rebellious feminism by those women who do not value human life in the womb. After our publication we noticed a fourth stage is emerging, beginning with the election of our 45th president. More information on this is can be found by Googling “Ugliness and Faux Outrage at the D.C. Women’s March.”

            Our article on a Modern Day Saint is about Pope Paul VI who is probably most famous for implementation of Humanae Vitae. He was also responsible for reconvening the Second Vatican Council, knowing quite well it was a hornet’s nest, but it had to be completed. Pope Paul VI was also a champion of the rosary and Marion Devotion.

Jim Fritz


cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield                              


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