VOL. 4, NO. 6
October/November 2001

Dear Fellow Roman Catholics:

This issue of the Defender is the sixth and final issue for year 2001. Due to increases in postal and other costs we have reduced the number of publications per year, but we have increased the size of each issue. As an example, this publication contains 14 pages.

Fred Paschall is beginning a new series of articles on apologetics. The word means defense of beliefs held to be true, and should not be confused as an apology for our beliefs. Our Holy Mother Church has been constantly attacked from those who are not of our faith, lately a much more insidious attack has been noticed, coming form within the Church itself. As Catholics, we must learn our faith so as to be able to properly and effectively defend it. Fred also does some defending of the faith in his commentary on a recent article published in a Church Bulletin.

I continue with the third part of my Hidden Agenda series. My comments on the importance of genuflecting and showing the proper reverence for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament ties in with Fred’s commentary. It is one more example of how the ‘progressive’ clergy do not comprehend what the Church means by “ecumenism”, and who are attempting to “protestantize” our Holy Mother Church.

In support of the Hidden Agenda series and Fred’s commentary, we have included an excellent article titled Why The Rubrics Make Sense by George Weigel. Mr. Weigel is a senior fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. He Illustrates how so many priest are free-forming the liturgy, saying: “Look at me.” We are there to worship God, and rubrics are there to help us do just that – to point us beyond ourselves.

This issue would not be complete without a good Christmas story. Our associate in New York, Juan Rodriguiz, has supplied What Christmas Is All About, a very heart warming tale from the recent past that you are sure to enjoy.

Our Modern Day Saint article is very unusual, as our ‘saint’, Nellie Organ, was only four years old when she died. This angelic child is model of virtue for all of us to follow, especially in her love for the Holy Eucharist, and her ardent desire to receive our Lord in Communion.

All of us that work to put this publication together hope that you will have the time to read it during this busy time of the year and we wish all of our readers a very Blessed Christmas and a healthy and happy year ahead

Stand and Defend Your Faith!

Jim Fritz

CC Most Reverend Bishop Bernard W. Schmitt
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