VOL. 3, NO. 9
October 2000

Dear Fellow Roman Catholics:

In this issue we are traveling from the beautiful hills of West Virginia to Washington D.C. to include articles by writers of that area.

We have a teaching article on Martyrs by a guest writer, Michael Petruzzelli, a religious education instructor and a dedicated Pro-Life activist in Montgomery County, Maryland -- a suburb of Washington D.C. Most of us, when we think of martyrs, think about the beginning years of our beloved Church. However, it has been said that the Twentieth Century has seen more martyrs than all of the previous centuries combined. This seems reasonable when we consider the number of martyrs today in China, East Timor, and many of the African countries.

Our editorial refers to a true shepherd of His flock. He is a parish priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, who obtained some notoriety recently in the Washington D.C. area because of witnessing in his own life to the true teaching and example of Christ. Father Vander Woude's Pro-Life actions were not in tune with the 'politically correct' viewpoint of his bishop's official spokesperson.

Many of you have requested that we provide a book review with each publication of The Defender. Lack of a volunteer to help has prevented us from doing this, however we have enclosed some information that is very valuable for both the casual and the avid reader looking for spiritual material. Rev. Thomas G. Morrow, an associate pastor at St. Catherine Laboure Catholic Church in Wheaton, Maryland, has compiled A Guide to Spiritual Reading (And More) that includes a descriptive list of books, periodicals, and tapes; plus, sources for these materials. In addition to being an associate pastor, Father Morrow is an author, radio personality and is very active in the Pro-Life movement. He often gives Pro-Life homilies and is frequently seen witnessing at the abortion clinics in the Washington D.C. area.

Our article on a modern saint in this issue compliments Mike's article on Martyrs. It is about Peter ToRot, a native of an island in the Pacific, who was martyred for his faith by the Japanese during World War ll.

Stand and Defend Your Fatith!

Jim Fritz

CC Most Reverend Bishop Bernard W. Schmitt
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