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Rewards of Sidewalk Counseling


Anyone who counsels on the sidewalk in front of an abortion mill is subjected to verbal abuse and obscene gestures.  If you work at it for any length of time, you receive threats and more. Sometimes you are spit upon or receive other physical abuse. You may be falsely accused and arrested for blocking access or some other fake charge. Most of this we accept as part of the job and remind ourselves, “Blessed are the persecuted for they shall inherit the earth.”


What keeps us going is the joy we receive when a woman changes her mind and decides to keep her baby. Then one sees the “high-fives” and the celebrations between us. However, our greatest joy is when a mother brings the little baby girl or boy back after birth. Women bring their babies in strollers or strapped in their car seats or simply walk up the sidewalk holding the little baby.  Once, a very proud young man waited about ten minutes to show us a picture of his baby girl saved only because he and his wife saw us in front of the abortuary as they drove in and turned around and drove home.


The best reward beyond a doubt was last week, early in the  morning, when a woman accompanied by her mother came to the abortuary to show off her little seven-week-old baby boy


We had 'saved' her first baby in December 2011 when she, her mom, grandmother and boyfriend came to the abortuary.


            At the time of the 'save,' “Katie” was using drugs and did not want an abortion. Her mother insisted, and her grandmother was screaming, “Have the abortion.”  At that time Katie was living with and dependent upon her mother who threatened to kick her out of the house if she did not have an abortion. Her grandmother insisted Katie would bring another little drug-addicted dependent into the world.


The screaming went on for about an hour on the sidewalk across the street and in front of the abortion mill. Gail Hoffman and Angela Carroll talked to all of them until they went inside.


            A little later they came out of the back of the abortuary, still screaming at each other. I was in back and called Angela on the walkie-talkie. Gail and Angela came to the back and spoke with the mother and grandmother while I talked to the boyfriend. Katie’s mother told Gail she was a Christian woman, and even once a missionary, but after witnessing her daughter's life spiral out of control for seven years due to hard drugs, she was afraid for Katie to have any children; afraid he would find her drugged out in a crack-house, her baby would be languishing from terrible neglect.


            Gail told the mother she must trust in God. Even though her daughter had been a drug addict for many years, God could still heal her. A mother should never sacrifice her child in abortion because of fear and lack of trust. Katie’s mother finally broke down, and Gail hugged her. Once the mother settled down, she was more willing to listen and allow Gail and Angela to seek help for the young woman.


            Angela and Gail tried to get them into the Hope Pregnancy Center to find out information inquire about temporary homes for drug addicted mothers or mothers to be. According to Katie’s mother, Katie would not be able to remain in her parents’ home.


Angela called our local pro-life OB/GYN, Dr. Gary Smith, who told her to bring Katie over right away for an ultra-sound. Gail accompanied Angela in her truck with the couple sitting in the back, purposely separating them from Katie’s mother and grandmother. The older women drove to Dr. Smith's office in their own vehicle. They all met in the parking lot at the hospital and walked together to the doctor's office, where he performed the ultra-sound.


            Dr. Smith urged Katie’s mother not to push for abortion, since her daughter was already depressed, warning she was susceptible to suicide if she went through with it. He also let the mother see the ultra-sound, which brought tears.

            When Katie came over Katie’s mother still had tears in her eyes and seemed to be in support of Katie and for the life of her child.


 Dr. Smith prescribed medications to help Katie withdraw from the drugs gently to prevent any problems such as a miscarriage. She went back with and her boyfriend went into one of the emergency room areas behind a curtain, and in the meantime, Angela received a call from Tina Malone of the Hope Pregnancy Center with information about housing for Katie.


     Katie’s mother said that she was mostly worried about what her husband would say and how she would talk to him about the pregnancy and where Katie could get help. Angela and Gail told her about the help available from the Hope Pregnancy Center. Gail told Katie’s mother to pray for her husband.

Angela and Gail finally departed with hugs from all, astonished by the day!


Now, in August of 2012, Angela and Gail were ecstatic to see Katie and her mother in front of the abortion mill with the baby boy.  His name is Hayden Isaiah, born on July 13, 2012. Katie was in good health, off drugs, and beaming. I told her mother the boy was the best- looking baby boy I have seen in 50 years - since my youngest was born!


            Katie’s mother, now a grandmother, smiled as she told us, "Thank you for chasing us all around the building and keeping after us!" We will think of that the next time it seems we're stalking someone around the abortion mill in order to help them.


It turned out Katie’s father loves his grandson.


            Angela took many pictures and received a promise from Katie to come back again.


After they left, I could not help but think how differently this would have turned out if there were no sidewalk counselors.  The beautiful baby boy would have ended up in pieces inside a medical waste bag, and Katie would be still on drugs with the potential of suicide due to the unwanted abortion. Many thanks to Gail, Angela, Dr. Smith, Tina, Sherman and all of those who helped with this save.                                    Jim Fritz

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