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Letter to My Grandson on Veteran's Day

What is a Priest?


A Priest is a lover of God.

a priest is a lover of men,

a priest is a holy man,

          because he walks before the face of the All-Holy.


A Priest understands all things.

a priest forgives all things,

a priest encompasses all things.


The heart of a priest is pierced, like Christ's,

with the lance of love.


The heart of a priest is open, like Christ's,

for the whole world to walk through.


The heart of a priest is a vessel of compassion,

the heart of a priest is a chalice of love,

the heart of a priest is the trusting place

          of human and divine love.


A priest is a man whose goal is to be another Christ,

a priest is a man who lives to serve.


A priest is a man who has crucified himself,

so that he too may be lifted up

anddraw all things to Christ.


A priest is a man in love with God.


A priest is the God to man,

and of man to God.


A priest is a symbol of the Word made flesh,

a priest is the naked sword of Gods justice,

a priest is the hand of Gods mercy,

a priest is the reflection of Gods love.


Nothing can be greater in this world that a priest,

nothing but God Himself


Servant of God ....... Catherine Doherty

James S

Letter to My Grandson on Veteran's Day


You may be a little surprised at receiving a letter from your grandfather as we have not been communicating too well since you moved away from home.

To relate, I have to take myself back to when I was your age when you left home. I knew what I wanted to do was to go to college and go into one of about three fields that interested me. I wanted to be a forest ranger, but the pay was so low that it hardly seemed worthwhile. The next field was engineering, and Minnesota had a good engineering school. Unfortunately, at that time I did not have anyone to help me through college, nor did we have all of the government assistance you have today.

Also, at that time the Korean War was getting off to a bad start, and the military needed men. I thought this was a good opportunity - I would join up, defend my country then get out and use the GI Bill to go to college.

In those days people were still very patriotic. We had just won the biggest war in history (we had never lost a war) and we had plenty of heroes. Besides that, our schooling gave us all kinds of heroes who had formed the United States - many dying so that others might live in freedom. At that time "they" were not trying to belittle Thomas Jefferson and all of the other great men like they are doing now. Maybe we were brainwashed, but I don't think so. I think we need heroes, and these men were and still are heroes to me. They had faults just like other humans; however, their strengths were so enormous it is hard to imagine their stature. In World War II we also had many living heroes like Generals Patton and Eisenhower. Guys like Eisenhower were really civilians who out-smarted the greatest war machine in history. Of course there were many privates and corporals who performed heroic deeds and some who gave their lives for friends and country. Almost every family lost someone in World War II, but these families were proud of their military. During the war almost everyone sacrificed in some way as many things were rationed. Also the civilians put together an enormous quantity of airplanes, ships, tanks, other military vehicles and ammunition. Without this the war would have been lost. At the end of the war we saw what the world would have been like if we had lost. Every time we went to a movie theater we saw films of the German holocaust camps and Japanese atrocities. We were even more proud of having won the war.

This is how I grew up. It had been only five years since the end of World War II when I was your age. I hope you might feel an appreciation for the patriotism I had at that time. I volunteered for the Marine Corps and after my training I volunteered for the front lines of Korea. I got my piece of close combat as a machine gunner. I did my thing and returned to the United States when the war ended. I was proud of what I did and never regretted it. I saw and did things that very few Americans will have the opportunity to see or do. I paid my dues for the freedom I have, for the freedom my sons have and for the freedom my grandchildren have. Was the Korean War worth it? Just look at the freedom and prosperity in South Korea versus the oppression and starvation in North Korea!

I hope you will never have to go into combat plus give up three years of your life for your country. But I know in this day and age, doing what I did is probably considered naive and stupid. Considering the conciliatory stance and ambivalence of some of our recent presidents, the rewriting of school history books to downplay the achievements and greatness of our country, far-left (if not outright communist) educators, the fawning and biased mainstream media, the feminization of our military and writers who can do nothing better than destroy our heroes, why would anyone feel patriotic?

After my discharge from the Marine Corps, I was only a little older than you are now. I had married your grandmother, and our first son was on his way. I took advantage of the GI Bill and earned an Associate's Degree in Electronics. Military testing indicated electronics was the course I should have pursued instead of volunteering for the infantry, so I figured that was the way to go. It turned out well. I liked electronics and I was pretty good at it. After finishing school there were almost no jobs available so I took a job in Alaska for 18 months. This gave me more training, experience and money to get started with a home for my family.

So why am I telling you my life history, or at least the first third of it? I am getting around to that. I mainly want to compare the environment and the attitude of the people then with the environment and personal character of the people you associate with today. THERE IS NO COMPARISON! Our life was miserable back then if you look at things from a material standpoint. Jobs were tough to come by, pay was lousy and even if you did have money there were no TVs, VCRs, PCs, microwaves, cell phones, GPSs and all of the other things that had not even been invented.

But, on the good side are the other things we did NOT have. We were not floating in a sea of garbage like you are today. Movies never even showed a man and woman in the same bed. The nude picture of Marylyn Monroe on a calendar was only seen in all-male establishments or hanging on the wall of a garage. You could possible find pornography if you looked hard enough, but you really had to look hard -- and few men did. Women - never. Today I unintentionally see and hear on TV, in movies, magazines and records much more than any decent human being would want to see. The population is being brainwashed that sex, perversion and drugs are good, fun activities which they have a right to enjoy. The message is "go ahead and try it". Homosexuality is being promoted to preteens in the schools. The media depicts fornication, adultery, drug use, abortion, cohabitation, homosexuality and any other form of aberrant behavior as acceptable. Unfortunately, the people in your age group are the ones being brainwashed the most.

When I look at today's young people, I think the front lines in World War II and Korea were easy compared to the war you are fighting. We knew who our enemies were. You don't! You don't even think you have an enemy! The youth of today are being and are going to be killed and maimed much more severely than our generation ever was.

Just look at the life of one of my nieces. She was truly a beautiful young lady. She was raised by liberal parents, started on drugs as a teenager, ran away with a man, prostituted for him, became pregnant, and finally committed suicide in her early twenties. If I had been blown apart by a mortar I would not suffered what she did. How many more are there just like her you do not hear about? Ask your uncle about his friend who died from an overdose, another who was killed by a drunken friend with a shot gun and another killed by reckless driving on a motorcycle.

How about all of those who are contracting and dying of AIDS? I would rather get it in the chest with a Chinese burp gun. Your enemies are drugs and sex. Science has also identified a new, sexually transmitted disease that basically infects only woman (cancer of the vagina). How are they infected? They get it while practicing "safe sex." Condoms don't help. What is "safe sex" anyway? There is no such thing. It is only another part of this sick generation's propaganda. We used to have propaganda. The Chinese would broadcast messages to us on loud speakers on the front lines in the middle of the night. Some sexy-voiced woman would come on and tell us how nice it was on the other side. We knew the enemy then - you don't have a clue.

How many women have had an abortion? About 3,500 every day in the United States. Let's see, 365 days a year times 40 years, Hitler only killed about 6 million people - Stalin about 8 million. If you add up all of the deaths caused by all of the despots since the beginning of time you won't get a number as high as the number of babies our enemy has persuaded their mothers to kill, nor take into account the damage to their boyfriends and husbands. I would rather be run through with a bayonet on the battlefield than to die in the manner the babies are being killed. Have you heard about the D&X procedure in which the doctor turns the nine-month old baby around in the womb, brings the baby out except for its head, sticks a scissors in the back of the baby's skull, sucks out its brains with a machine, then delivers the dead baby? In addition to the baby, don't you think a woman or a man is hurt by an abortion? They suffer from it for the rest of their lives - every time they see a baby about the same age theirs would have been if he/she had not been aborted. Many need psychological help. Believe me; I see them every week at the abortion clinic where we try to persuade women to change their minds. So who is the enemy? Again, these are the same people who try to convince young people to try sex, drugs and everything else.

Your enemy is not only the godless media perverts who want to be relieved of their guilt, unethical and immoral educators, mushy- minded politicians, but your enemies are often your friends who have already been brainwashed and don't even know it. They are trying to convince you to do the same stupid thing.

I have a good friend who used to be both a hippie and a gambler. He is still a gambler at heart. It is like being an alcoholic - he is okay as long as he does not make the first bet. If he does, he is off and losing. He finally wised up on the hippie scene, and it is funny to hear him tell about it. He begins ranting and raving, telling how they lied, lied and lied some more to him about drugs and everything else. He escaped his enemies by leaving them for good. Now he fights them with all of his heart.

I hope I have helped a little in convincing you there is an enemy out there much worse than any in World War II or Korea. Unfortunately, the enemy is winning. Almost one third of the young are killed before they are born, and if they are born, tens of thousands die from AIDS, drug overdoses, cancer from other (avoidable) STDs, or killed by their actions while using drugs or alcohol. This does not count the millions of wounded from disabled lives and broken homes.

So if you do realize there are enemies, how do you fight them? The easiest way is to avoid the enemy; however, you can't always run away. The next step is to educate yourself so you can fight them in at least a defensive manner. Then, if you really have some guts, you attack them like the Marines or my friend - you fight against the godless media, the perverts who want to be relieved of their guilt, the leftist educators, the mushy-minded politicians and also your brainwashed friends. You don't realize what a good feeling it is to be on the winning side. I like being there and I hope I always will be. If not, I will die fighting for what I believe in.

One thing we learned in the Marine Corps is that you have to work as a team. If you are going to take a certain hill from the enemy you must have help. You cannot do it all yourself. You need mortars to do as much damage as possible and to keep the enemy down as you advance. You need machine gunners to cover you at close range during the advance. You need specialist for bunkers, mines, barbed wire, etc. You need medics when you are wounded. You need chaplains to attend to your spiritual needs. The same holds true today! You need help! It is not something you or anyone else can do by yourself.

You will need help! Where do you get it, and what kind of help? Those who are fortunate have families to support them but many do not. Many come from broken homes or bad parents. (Unfortunately, most teenagers with good parents are convinced their parents are the enemy.) Parents, because they love you more than anyone else in the world, are the ones to bring in the big stuff and sometimes it hurts. I remember one time in Korea we were so overrun with Chinese that we hunkered in our bunkers and had our own Mortar people bombard us with mortars fitted with proximity fuses that exploded just above the ground. They killed the Chinese but didn't hurt us. Sometimes those parents have to be the mortar people, but it is hard for them to set the proximity fuses. Besides parents, there are the grandparents that have seen a lot more and gone through a lot more and can deal with a little more insight with the one who need help.

Where else do you find help? Just like the Military, the church is of great help to many. Especially helpful is a strong belief in God and in the Graces from Jesus. I know myself the Grace I receive from Jesus has been of tremendous help to me. I get it in many ways. Ask me and I will tell you.

How else do you get help? Maybe you need to call in the Medics --professional organizations like AA for alcoholics and similar programs for gamblers, drug users, etc. There has to be a professional organization for every kind of addiction. Lastly, you need to have real friends who have more than a couple of brain cells going for them people who know what is going on and can help you. Start with people you admire for being successful in their personal, family, spiritual, social, and vocational lives - not just some hot-shot athlete who is one step away from going to jail, or some smart-mouth disc jockey who should be in jail. You don't need losers for friends. They are part of the enemy.

Besides getting all of this help, what else do you do? You become a good soldier, get educated and trained. You learn as much as possible about your enemy. You learn how to fight them. You practice your defense and your assaults. You work with your family and your TRUE friends. You win some battles and you feel GREAT!

I hope this letter isn't too preachy. I hope you take at least part of it to heart. It is written with true love in the hope that you will find it helpful. I don't need another relative ending up like my niece or one of my son's friends.

Don't let others bring you down to their level. That is what a lot of your "friends" will try to do to you. It makes them feel better. Since they can't come up, they want to bring you down. Walk straight and tall and be yourself -- not what your friends want you to be. Don't be brainwashed by the godless media, the perverts who want to be relieved of their guilt, educators bent on rewriting our history and the mushy-minded politicians. Think and act for yourself and don't be afraid to ask for the mortars, machine gunners, medics, specialists and the chaplain.

I also hope that you will return home and come to an understanding with your parents. They really are good parents and only want the best for you. You are really lucky to have them. Please know that I am willing to do what I can for you at anytime.

Happy Veteran's Day! Love, Grandpa

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