Letters to the Editor

Letters and Emails to the Editor


Comments on the Catholic Circular Firing Squad

Good article, Jim...as always. … Stephanie


Excellent article, thank you.  I had never heard the phrase "circular firing squad," but it is certainly an apt one! … Father Leonard


Your article on Circular Firing Squad is really helpful. … Carol


Nice reasoned perspective.  What a nice article you've written. Thanks…. Joe


Comments on The Originator of Negative Reporting

Ouch!  This is fun.  (You're gonna get it!) … Anonymous


Excellent...may we all learn to say (& to do)..."I follow Christ!" … Patricia


This gave me a laugh, Jim, also a little pinch. Life’s a challenge these days trying to discern when to pick up the rocks of scandal and set the little bugs scurrying and when to shut up. … Mary Ann


Comments on Daily Mass Homily for Monday

Excellent article. -- Jim and Dan


General Comments

Your publication is great. … Joan


Comments of Islam Article

I do remember some years ago when I thought we followed the same god as the Muslims.   It was this same idea that came to me as stated here,  “Would God, Who is immutable, send St Gabriel the Archangel to the Blessed Mother to announce the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, then change His mind 600 years later, and resend Gabriel to earth to Muhammad as His supreme prophet to announce a new religion to supersede Christianity, thereby implying that Christ’s redeeming death on the Cross was incomplete?”


And I too knew the answer was NO.  Checked the Catechism.  Something like “The Muslims CLAIM to be followers of Abraham.” Since then, the Crusades have made much more sense. Seeing what is going on in the world today, should also gives me no doubt.  The liberal Franciscans today have Francis going to visit the Sultan to “Dialogue.”   For Francis to try to convert him would be unthinkable to the liberals as no reason to. Thanks for writing this Jim. Viva Christe Rey! … Nancy


Wow...good article.  Thank you! … Anonymous


It was very interesting, well-done and thought provoking. … Sue


This is very insightful...and frightening! … Patricia


Thanks for the article on the Crusades. It was a good quick read. I just finished Hillaire Belloc’s book on the Crusades. Wonderful book that I highly recommend. I also appreciate and whole-heartedly agree with the other article you sent, “Understanding the Dark Heart of Islam” Thanks. … Geary


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