Vol. 17, NO. 2

October 2014


Dear Readers:

            Our Catholic Teaching article in this issue is on the Holy Rosary. It is from one of our original publications and written by Fred Paschall, the founder of Defenders of the Faith, Inc. over 17 years ago.

            Following this is an article which is a “must read” for everyone in this politically correct society. It is very timely and a real education about the Islamic religion. The author of Understanding the Dark Heart of Islam wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. She describes in great detail how Islam began with Muhammad and not with Abraham. As she points out, the Koran’s version of stories from the Bible are all revised. The author also provides a good description of the Angel Gabriel as described in the Koran versus the Angel Gabriel as describe in the Bible. They are definitely not the same. Muhammad’s “angel” is in stark contrast to the angels depicted throughout the Bible. Thirdly, the author presents the story of Islamic world domination. It is definitely not a religion of peace. She presents some graphic illustrations to prove her point.

            As a backup to the article on Islam, I have provided a very short description of The Crusades. The Crusades are usually portrayed by revisionists as a series of Holy Wars against Islam. This is totally false! They were defensive wars against Islam’s bloody aggression as demonstrated in the Eastern countries today. Again, this is a very educational article.

            The article on the Dumbing Down of America pertains mostly to the politicians and others who still believe “A Woman’s Choice” means women have a choice to have or not have an abortion. Statistics as well as experience counseling women as they approach an abortion clinic demonstrate quite the opposite. A majority of these women are pushed, pulled and dragged into abortion clinics by their boyfriends, husbands, parents and even grandparents. Many examples are given to support this.

            A new writer for The Defender is Laura Haber. She is an active officer of Defenders of the Faith, Inc., and a home-schooling mother. She has written an excellent article on Home School vs. Public School. She validates her writing with a degree in education.

            The next article is about a very dear friend of mine, Kathy Tesi, who I call The Rosary Lady. Kathy has a holy devotion to making rosaries for everyone she knows and everyone she meets. She has made about 1,000 rosaries a year since 2005. Her rosary is special. It is called a “memory rosary”, which indicates exactly where one stopped if one’s prayers are interrupted. She does all of this while raising four children and working a full-time job.

            The story of a Modern Day Saint is the story of Father Jerzy Popieluszko who was killed by Soviet Communists for his stand against Communism in Poland. Father was a staunch anti-communist, and in his sermons, interwove spiritual exhortations with political messages criticizing the Communist system and motivating people to protest. Also interwoven in this article is an analysis and comparison of Communism, the Solidarity movement and the Alinskyian “faith-based” movement in the USA...

J. Fritz


cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield     

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