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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Donít Lock the Stable Door. Father read the letter from the bishop and he talked about it today also. The problem is they should have been talking about this for the last 45 years.JM

Jim, you sound like Bill O'Reilly, you should send him the article.† You would make a good guest on his show. Barbara

Jim. You are a fine writer. This is a fine piece. I pray for the fortitude to do what is necessary.† We live in challenging times.† No guts no glory. BLM

I thought it was worth noting that each of the dissenting judges on this decision wrote their own dissent and was supported by all the other dissenters.† One opinion from them all would have sufficed, but they EACH wrote something to make a very strong point. Dave

Clearly, the US bishops donít have to write anything, but one wonders WHY HAVENíT THEY!!† Their united silence on this as a body has left obedient Catholics flapping in the breeze.† WHERE was their rallying cry to Catholics to remain faithful and have assurance that the Church is with them?† Janet

WHERE is the public condemnation of the Catholic Justices who voted yes on this?† WHERE is the praise for the justices who recognized the danger in such a decision?† And WHERE were the bishops when they had a chance to give merciful direction to people who have been wrongly led to believe this sinful lifestyle choice is ok and equal to real marriage between men and women?† Mike

I am sorry I didn't comment on your article when I first read it.† It made me smile since my mother always made that very same statement about the barn door after the horse had gotten out.† On a more profound level I have always admired your full throttled criticism of the bishops.† You are fearless and the shepherds deserve every single word and more.† They are a shameless, evil lot whose skulls will pave the way to hell, minus a very few such as Raymond Cardinal Burke who is a living saint.† I find the closed minded approach so unacceptable it is hard to be civil.† In fact Bill O'Reilly stated in his talking points the other night that he held the Bishops responsible for the Supreme Court ruling on sodomite unions.† For years now he has reached out over and over again to the bishops to come on his show and address the issue to no avail. Their silence is deafening. To be silent in the face of great evil is evil. I think Bonhoeffer said that.† And now we have full throttle Communism across the country and world.† You are a fine writer with a good mind.† Keep it up. Missy

There should have been a letter from EVERY bishop read in EVERY pulpit immediately!† Itís exactly this kind of timidity that creates confusion, the very kind the devil loves and makes use of.† Chriss

Society Marginalized Men: Could you send to me by email please. I want to give it to two Priests who do not seem to believe me when I talk about it. Thanks. / Giovanna

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Letters to the Editor, Continued.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. This is truly a magnificent article, demonstrating concisely and dramatically the historical context of the current European migration problem. No one reading this article can have any doubt that ISLAM is set to conquer the world, including America, and will stop at nothing to fulfil their misguided religious perspective. In this article, we can almost hear the echoes of the advancing hordes of Muslims arriving at our front door. Hopefully the world will come to its senses before our Christian annihilation is complete." (Comment from R.M.L. in Florida)

"Your article took my breath away. Now is the time to turn to God for His infinite mercy and love. Our Lady of Fatima warned us of these times. We must take heed." (Comment by E.C. in Florida)

Pornography. May I take advantage of you and ask you to also email me the article on pornography. I could give both to them to my priest if they need it in Confession. They are excellent articles You are doing a very good job dear Defender!†† Giovanna

The Silence of Our Bishops. †Amen!† Thank for, once again, boldly speaking the truth...oftentimes to those who ought to be leading the people but who are, in fact, those who most need to hear it. Patricia


Wow---that took a lot of research on your part.† I feel lazy. Mary


Awesome letter, Jim. Thank you for the good work. Bob

Excellent †letter! Thanks for sharing.† Iím going to send it to parish priest and ask that he rouse our parish to participate in 40 DFL in greater numbers. Diane

Love it!† When you publish, I will send to my Bishop and Pastor! God Bless, Georgene

Beautiful letter you wrote.† Can I send this to the Archdiocese of Washington?† Or would you like to?† Peace, Kathy

You can send this again and again especially to those who need a word of merciful advice. Great letter and I am waiting for the Bishopís reply. Bill

Excellent letter Jim! Good Job! Pam

Jim, you are so absolutely right. Cate

Wow Jim!† Bravo!!! This is so powerful because it is absolute truth!!!!† And very well stated! †I am forwarding it to committed catholic friends and will likewise contact the bishop's office. In NY travels out here at various Sunday Masses have not heard one word either. As they say, the silence is deafening! †Keep up the great work! Barbara

Jim, that is a powerful letter.† Does he ever respond? So proud of you and such a great writer. Barbara


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