Vol. 18, NO. 2

Dear Readers:

            Our Catholic Teaching article in this issue is on Discerning Your Vocational State of Life. Patricia Johnson has put together a program for all of us to get into the life of Christ. This does not mean only those consecrated religious such as priests, monks and religious sisters, but all of us including the single, the married and the family. Using the Catechism, Patricia shows us how the three Evangelical Counsels: poverty, chastity and obedience relate to our lives and instruct us on how to follow Christ and be united with Him.

            We have two articles pertaining to the terrible, and even sinful, lack of action by our bishops in the fight against abortion and sodomite marriages. In our first article, The

Silence of Our bishops, we point out how even the politicians are doing more for our fight against the scourge of abortion than our bishops. In our second article, Don’t Lock the Stable Door after the Horse is Stolen, there is more of the same. The bishops finally came out against sodomite marriages after the US Supreme Court made it legal for homosexuals to marry. Then the bishops blamed everyone other than themselves who have basically remained silent over these many years. Out Letters to the Editor, as well as calls into our radio station, WDTF, reflect this growing discussion about our local bishop’s lack of action.

            Mary Tillman has written a slightly controversial article called Girl Altar “Boys": Is it Good for the Church? Mary points out how this has happened and the effect it has had on vocations. She also points out how other changes such as fasting, receiving communion, lay people as extraordinary ministers have come about. She also explains the differences between “Doctrine” and “Discipline” and why these changes can be made. We agree these changes are not just coincidental to the ensuing lack of priests, exit of parishioners, closing of churches and acceptance of sodomite marriages.

 Susan Matthieson has written a timely article on the Christian genocide by Islamic extremists. This article, aptly titled Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, tells in detail of the horrible torture and killing of hundreds of thousands of Christians throughout history by the Turks. Some of this is difficult even to read about. Susan explains how this continues today and how European countries are now taking in young Muslim men, ignoring the implicit danger. We can only imagine tomorrow. Susan has done an incredible amount of research on this very important topic which we hope will not be continually ignored by our politicians and our bishops.

            Microchimerism and the Blessed Virgin Mary is an interesting article pertaining to the scientific proof that the Blessed Virgin Mary is a living tabernacle of Jesus. This scientific discovery of microchimerism validates Church teaching on Mary.

            The Modern Day Saint article reflects on the lives of two saints, Mariam Baouardy and Marie Alphonsine Danil Ghattas, who were canonized on May 17, 2015. These two new woman saints were from Palestine and did much good work in Bethlehem. Father Rifat Bader, Vatican spokesman, stated the positive effect of their canonization is a good example for all the citizens: Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike because, in that society, the role of a woman even within her own family is not always recognized for its importance.


cc: Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Bransfield                             


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