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The Beauty of Catholic Ecuador


South America is an entire continent ignored by the world. Our family recently returned from a summer in Ecuador, a beautiful, clean and safe country. Round trip air fare directly from Ft Lauderdale’s sleazy, third-world airport to Quito’s brand new, first-rate, modern and efficient airport is $338.00. Ecuador uses the dollar, so there is no monetary exchange, but the dollar goes further in Ecuador than in the US. Voltage is the same, so cell phones and cameras can easily be charged, and the use of laptops and IPads is convenient in all of Ecuador with their countrywide free Wi-Fi.

That Ecuador is 85% Catholic is obvious. Catholic churches are everywhere, rosaries hang from taxi rear view mirrors with Divine Mercy stickers on windshields. Some public buses likewise bear testimony to the Catholic Faith with the Sacred Heart of Jesus painted on one side of the front of the bus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the other. However, the strongest example of Catholic visibility is the enormous number of large families, children, pregnant mothers and young couples in love, mainly because Ecuador is Catholic and abortion at all stages is illegal.

People on the street wear scapulars, crosses or rosaries, dress modestly, bear  no tattoos, no ear plugs, sport no cleavage, wear no obscenely short skirts, no short shorts, and there is absolutely no obesity problem in Ecuadorian society at large as there is here in the US. To keep citizens healthy, free Zumba exercise classes are provided in all cities.

The food is amazingly fresh, the coffee great, and bottled water is available for $1.00 at every grocery (at least one grocery on every block). B&B accommodations are affordable and spotlessly clean.

In Quito’s old section on top of Il Panecillo (Bread Loaf Hill) 3,016 feet above sea level, stands the winged Virgin of Quito (from Apocalypse 12:14 “And there were given to the woman, two wings of a great eagle that she might fly to the desert to her place). She’s stomping the devil and the crescent moon. It’s comforting to walk down a street, round a corner, look up and see Our Mother watching over us. In contrast, if the Panecillo’s Winged Virgin were here in the US, the ACLU would have it viciously removed. Ecuador's tourism motto is written in stone at the top of a mountain seen for miles around. It says: Ecuador ama la vida (Ecuador Loves Life). Of course it means the ecological life of the country as a reminder for citizens to take care of their resources, but also, it's a reflection of the country's pro-life stance from their amazing president.      

Rafael Correa, the 53-year-old devout Roman Catholic President of Ecuador, is a bourgeois populist who came to office in 2007 claiming to lead a “civic revolution” of nationalist policies and social reforms of the Republic of Ecuador. Born into a lower middle-class mestizo family, he received his MA in economics from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and his PhD from the University of Illinois. He met his Belgian wife when both were students at the Louvain. The Correas have three children.

Rafael Correa could teach Obama and Hillary how to have God's blessing bestowed upon on a country. Correa once let loose a tirade to squelch any talk of reform on abortion in Ecuador. “Let them say what they want, but I will never legalize abortion,” he thundered, accusing women legislators of his PAÍS Alliance of “disloyalty” and “treason” for proposing to permit abortion in cases of rape. If they persisted, he threatened to resign as president, and even after they backed down, the authoritarian leader, who describes himself as a “humanist, Catholic and leftist,” demanded that the deputies be sanctioned and possibly thrown out of office.

Here are more of Correa’s statements on abortion:

·         “Anything that challenges life from the moment of conception is quite simply, treason.”​ 

·         Speaking of the pressure coming from United Nations groups, Correa said: “They can do whatever they want. I will never approve the decriminalization of abortion.”

·         “Whenever we’ve consulted the citizens regarding abortion, the immense majority rejects prenatal euthanasia."

·         "Ecuador is a country which defends the right to life."

The fact that Correa was not alone in his pro-life stance among “leftist” nationalists in the region was not lost on the imperialist press. The Madrid daily El País (26 October) headlined an article, “The Pious Left of Latin America.”

Along with feminists he must have problems with the media: 

·         "A daily newspaper should report the news, not play at geopolitics."

·         "They have been talking about a dictatorship and they were right because there's a dictatorship and there's a government that has been fighting that dictatorship - the dictatorship of the media."

As for the Obama and the United States who have tried to pressure the sovereign country of Ecuador to accept abortion, Correa said:

·         Don't come lecturing us about liberty. You need a reality check. Don't

act like a spoiled rude child. In Ecuador you will only find dignity and sovereignty. Here we haven't invaded anyone. Here we don't torture like in Guantanamo. Here we don't have drones killing alleged terrorist without any due trial, killing also the women and children of those supposed terrorists. So don't come lecturing us about life, law, dignity, or liberty. You don't have the moral right to do so.

In stark contrast to Rafael Correa, President Obama, the most pro-abortion president ever to lead the United States, will go down in history as the president who abdicated his responsibilities when it came to the protection of the most innocent American citizens.

However, as bad as Obama is, Hillary Clinton is much worse. She wants to multiply Obama’s pro-abortion efforts. At a campaign rally, Hillary, the best friend of Planned Parenthood, said she wants to “go further” left than Obama. She demonstrated her unyielding commitment to Planned Parenthood’s abortion business by accepting their endorsement during a pro-abortion rally, saying she would be the abortion business’ president. In order to expand worldwide access to abortion, Hillary further suggested that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Perhaps South America is the new Europe as far as travel is concerned. Whereas once tourists went to London, Paris and Rome, maybe now that ISIS is in those cities, we will go to Quito, Buenos Aires and Lima. And if the election is unchristian, we can all move to the Catholic paradise of Ecuador.


Susan Matthiesen

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