A Day in Front of the Abortion Mill

A small group of us do sidewalk counselling in front of the abortion mill in Hagerstown, Maryland twice a week. The following is an account of one of those days. A not too unusual day!

Sherman always drives his pick-up truck with our large signs and then puts up a handwritten sign on the truck's tailgate. He usually changes it every week. The sign today was about forgiveness. I noticed a black woman who came down the sidewalk and stood, looking at it. I got into a conversation with her; she said the sign was just what she needed as people have been telling her she has a problem with forgiving. He said to him, if someone cannot forgive it was the same as the person taking a glass of poison and hoping it kills the one they cannot forgive. It only hurts the one holding the grudge. He also quoted the portion of the Lord's Prayer about forgiveness. She left very pleased with the sign and the information and even took a picture of the sign.

A little later a huge young man, a biker type with lots of tattoos came by and stood looking at a few of us counselors for a while. We asked him if he had any questions. He said, "No. I just want to thank you for what you do." He continued with a story of how his brother was killed in combat a few years ago, and his brother's wife was very distraught and also pregnant. She indicated she was going to abort her baby as she could not afford to raise it on her meager income. He advised her she could live with him and his wife if necessary and they would help her raise the baby. He did not want her to kill his brother's child. She agreed, but before moving in with them she was very fortunate to receive a $20,000 check from a government insurance program. She has purchased a small house and her baby is now two and a half years old.

A young black man came by and knelt in front of an old, large sign which Sherman brings every Thursday. It is one which reads "Women KILLED by Abortion" and then it has the names of about 200 women who had died having an abortion. I asked if we could help. He said he was looking for the name of his sister as she had died from an abortion. I told him the sign is almost 20 years old so he did not think it would have her name on it. A very pro-life conversation followed.

Another man came by and told us he wished he had the courage to do what we do and thanked us very much.

Two women drove up, parked their car and would not get out. The passenger was on her phone. She was asking Diane (the abortion mill manager) to come out and escort her into the abortuary. Diane did come out to escort her in; however, Barbara still got in some words telling the women the dangers of abortion and the fact the abortionist here had killed four women while doing abortions. Diane then said, "The abortionist has not killed anyone since 1981." No one can believe she actually said this. Of course, since then there have been a number of ambulances come to the abortuary to take away clients injured by the abortionist.

Just about the time we were leaving, a couple came. They told Cecelia and Barbara they were going into the abortuary just to ask questions. Barbara told them they didn't need to go in there as she could answer all of the questions, plus give them the truth. The two counselors talked to them for some time and gave them literature. The couple then continued up the sidewalk to the front door of the abortion mill; however, they went past the abortuary and stood talking to each other for a time. Janet and I decided to talk to them. I told them about the Hagerstown Area Pregnancy Center (HAPC) and how to get there. Janet offered more information, and they agreed to go to the HAPC. I called the Center to indicate the couple might be on their way and also checked with the manager, Lori, the next day, and she told me they came in and have an appointment for a free ultrasound next week.

Jim Fritz

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