VOL. 7, NO. 3
August/September 2004

Dear Readers:

In this issue of The Defender, we have concentrated our effort on the necessity of properly forming your conscience and voting your conscience. It is so very important in this coming election.

We begin the issue with a teaching lesson from our young associate, Juan Rodriguez, in New York. He emphasizes something very important about recognizing poor teaching when we hear it and then defending your faith by speaking out to correct those in error. His article, God’s Name, does two things; first he is a proper witness for his faith, and he is giving instructions to those that need to properly inform their conscience.

Our second article by Fred Paschall is a direct quote from Pope St. Gregory the Great. In this related article, St. Gregory the Great is exhorting us, especially our priests and bishops, to speak out in reproach of men who see false visions. His short article has a dozen memorable statements to move our shepherds to speak out. One I love is, “They are dumb dogs that cannot bark.” Let us not be dumb dogs. We must speak out to those that have a false vision and especially to those that teach a false vision. Our next issue will include several articles in relation to those priests and bishops who are failing to speak out.

In regard to false visions, we have our third article about the dishonest media. The media never fails to give us a plethora of items to write about. In this case it is CBS. This was started by what is called ‘Rathergate’; however it extends far deeper that Dan Rather. Our article brings out several other ‘documentaries’ where interviews were significantly altered by CBS to present their own point of view. Times are changing and we are now experiencing another very important new media called the Internet. It is having a significant impact on the television and print media that believe in the right to abortion, euthanasia, premarital sex, and homosexuality. Reporters such as Rather twist the news in an attempt to push their agenda unto the public.

We have included an article written by Father John Corapi whose program is broadcast daily on our radio station, WDTF-LP. His article is what this issue of The Defender is all about, Forming Your Conscience and Voting Your Conscience. His article is rather lengthy, however it is very concise. It is also extremely important! We have included a related article on voting which is an extract from Catholic.com and identifies the five non-negotiable issues that must be considered when voting.

Our Modern Day Saint in this issue is about Father Capodanno, who died in Vietnam protecting a fellow marine. Father Capodanno, called the ‘grunt padre’ is up for canonization.

Jim Fritz

CC Most Reverend Bishop Bernard W. Schmitt

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