Letters to Editor

Letters to the Editor


I thought that you might like to hear some interesting news. “Mary” from Ft. Myers, Florida, called me Monday night and left a message. She said, "Are you the Susan Beckworth that writes articles for Catholic websites?" I could sense she was an admirer and not a detractor so I called her back yesterday.

When she answered she told me she had looked up my name and number in a library and wanted to ask a question because she had saved all my articles and enjoyed them. I'm wondering if this was God's way of telling me not to quit writing after feeling “down” after reading some detractor’s comments regarding the last article. She and her husband are in their early fifties and she and I hit if off right away. It was strange because I didn't even know her, yet we seemed so much alike! She shared with me a story. She discovered that a Catholic church down the street from her was permitting Yoga classes inside the Adoration Chapel. Mary made copies of a few of my articles and handed them out in the parking lot as about 25 women arrived for the classes. She said that after handing out the literature, the guru came outside and said, "I wish you would leave the Church property." Mary in turn, fired back, "No, I wish you would leave the property."

The guru went back inside, and after a few minutes Mary proceeded into the Church. As Mary opened the door to the Adoration Chapel she was horrified. The chapel was completely dark except for a few candles, and the women were all lying on the altar like zombies on their Yoga mats. Mary thought to herself, I've never seen an aerobics class like this before. She began to take pictures of the women and at first they didn't even notice, but when they did, they screamed, "You crazy nut!" Mary responded, "No, ya'll are the ones that are crazy!" The women then asked, “What are you going to do with the pictures?” and Mary replied, "I'm going to show them to the bishop." They said, "He won't do anything," and Mary said, "We have a new bishop now, and I think that he will."
            Mary then asked the women, "Are you all Catholic?”
            They all replied, "yes.”

Mary said, “Good, maybe you would like to recite this prayer with me.” And she started to recite St. Michael's Prayer. This prayer really made the women angry and they began to scream at her again. When she went out to the parking lot, the police arrived -- the guru and her followers had called them. A priest who was there temporarily (the Zen Buddhist pastor was on vacation) told the police to leave because there was not a problem. Though horribly sad that these women would desecrate our Lord's altar with their occult practices, I couldn't help but chuckle at the way Mary handled it. She is amazing!

Anyway, she has been passing out my articles to many, including nuns and even the bishop. It's a new bishop, but I can't recall his name. Anyway, she said the bishop liked the articles and wanted to see some more articles on Yoga. Mary asked me to send her any articles that I had pertaining to Yoga, and hopefully the bishop will do the right thing.
            Mary is a devout Third Order Franciscan, and I think I’ve met my twin!
            Mary had a small victory because the classes were recently moved to the parish hall instead of the Adoration Chapel, but she won't stop until they are off church property.

She called me because she was inspired by the articles, but as it turns out, she inspired me tremendously!

Just thought I would share this with you. Sometimes I guess we all question, "Does it really help?" Mary's call revealed to me that it does indeed!
God Bless, Susan


A big AMEN to your last paragraph! It really does help to write and publish articles.  Think of all those people you have helped and did not call you.




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